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In this section: About Us: Overview of BWES
BWES began trading in 2000 through the cooperation of two consulting engineers and has grown to become a leader in its field by offering its customers clear solutions and services. The company was registered as a proprietary limited company in 2002 with its head office in the south-west of Sydney.

Black and White Engineering has a team of highly qualified electrical engineers and support staff who work together to ensure customers meet Australian or International standards and comply with local regulations. The services provided by BWES's businesses include:

  • Project management;
  • Product development from inception to the marketplace;
  • Assessing and re-engineering products;
  • Analysing and evaluating test reports, technical and approval documentation;
  • Quality documentation for systems and products;
  • Management of the product approvals process;
  • Regulatory compliance; and
  • Insurance Investigations.

    Currently BWES is strongly positioned in the market place due to widespread local and international support and a reputation for providing a professionally tailored service. BWES works with many leading brand names of appliances, and supports large overseas companies based in Asia Pacific and New Zealand.

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